Sunday, October 21, 2007

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gugl offers plenty of free points that strengthen sundry of my ... IN HIS REPORT for the Sunday Times Magazine, John Arlidge writes advises readers to precede with caution before embracing an all-encompassing gugl-aware lifestyle.

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gugl Docs, has gone mobile. gugl's free on the internet office suite.

gugl Tidbits

The gugl Way: Give Engineers Room - A New York Times write-up in which gugl software engineer Bharat Mediratta talks about the “gugl 20%” — the portion of their busy epoch in which they are encouraged to travail on something ...

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Some decent SEO skinny is including included. Lists the steps the blogger took to get indexed by gugl.

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I ran into Brett Crosby several times at Emetrics Summit, including at the Bar and several gugl Analytics shirts more recent (I must have taken prior 10 of the new shirts - they rock - I feature they say "optimize me" - they're all in the ...

gugl Big Brother

... Geek by geek, they head inside to begin surfing and controlling the quadrillions of bytes of lore that surge through gugl's giant servers, and which crash on to our desktops and mobile phones on occasion so often minute of ever and anon day.

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Just reading Marketingpilgrim's post on Libraries cycle Down Search machineries go with Nonprofit and flip through that as a major blow against gugl Books; the news was covered in the worldly Herald Tribune in an piece about the US Library ...